About Us

Without a doubt, clear and radiant complexion is a desire that unites women of all ages. Everywhere you turn, from television to magazines, you see and read all about it beauty of youthful complexions, signs of early aging, slick and shine of excess sebum, and how we need to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun; everything that has got to do with the foundation of attaining radiance.

Asian Skin Solution believes that perfection begins with radiance.

The first ever local skincare salon to specialize in redeveloping long lost radiance, we offer intensive two-way facial treatments that contains a combination of unique active ingredients that work synergistically to cure underlying problems for clarity whilst reviving luminosity for radiance.

With each and every of our facial treatment carrying a dual function of restoring your long lost radiance whilst curing your underlying skin problems, you need not be caught in between choosing those facial options of restoring your radiance and curing your underlying skin problems.